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Social Responsibilities


Social Responsibility

Janta is well equipped with all the necessary Fire Safety equipments. The Fire safety Exits & plans in case of any fire disaster, have been displayed wherever necessary for the safety of our patients and staff.

All possible steps are taken to keep the environment clean and avoid any bio medical spillage of any kind at Janta. Different bins have been labelled and specific disposable bags are being used to dispose off different kind of waste products.

Janta is approved and accredited by NABH, NABL, ISO and Quality Austria to keep the quality in check. Our lab team makes sure there is no error in the tests performed or reporting. Daily Controls and Calibrations are done and the data is maintained for the audits done internally or externally.

Our lab machines work in sync with the database so that there are hardly any loopholes for any kind of human error in performing or reporting. The Best Fully Automated machines are being used.

Staff uses sterilized gloves and masks not only for their own safety, but for the sake of the patients too.

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